Sylvia Longoria Dorsey

Sylvia Longoria Dorsey is the visionary behind Longoria Collection.  When she opened the store in 1993, it was a natural next step for Sylvia, as interior design runs in her blood.  Her mother was an interior designer and had a store of her own.  From a young age on, her creativity was nurtured and inspired by her mother.

No matter where life has taken her, design has always been a constant in Sylvia’s life.  After college, she worked for renowned Houston architect Roger Rasbach, and then made the move to Los Angeles with her family, where she worked with the famed interior designer, Jim Northcutt.  In the southern California sun, her passions really ignited.  She took on celebrity clients like Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal.

So when they made the move back to Houston, she seized the opportunity to take her dream one step further by opening Longoria Collection—a place for all things beautiful.  A place she could call upon as a constant resource, as she worked with her own private clients.
The store has taken on many transformations since those early days, as any creative entity should, but the heart of the store has always been Sylvia.  Her impeccable, timeless style always permeates throughout.

But it isn’t just her love of design that is palpable in Longoria Collection, it is her caring nature for her family and those she makes feel like family.  She even had a special little nook built into her office, especially for her grandchildren to have their own space, when they accompany her to work.  Walking through the doors of the office to find her grandchildren building Lego towers and her maltipoo, Pepper, snoozing in her dog bed is business as usual and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  But she doesn’t just reserve this adoration for those related to her; she makes every one of her employees and clients feel just as special.

Elizabeth Dorsey Fertitta

Given her aforementioned affinity for her family, Sylvia was overjoyed when her daughter, Elizabeth Dorsey Fertitta decided to join the family biz.  Elizabeth assists with buying, keeps the store organized, well stocked, and attractively displayed.

But by far, her best asset is that she brings a fresh perspective to Longoria Collection.  Elizabeth grew up in L.A. and Houston, surrounded by design and visiting showrooms with Sylvia.  Her design aesthetic is timeless, like Sylvia’s, but with more of an emphasis on what is happening now—what is current, fashionable.

Elizabeth and Sylvia have a great dynamic, that at times can be comical, given how close they are and how completely honest they can be with one another.  As Elizabeth has gotten more comfortable in her role at Longoria Collection and her design view, she has almost superseded Sylvia in ranking.  Sylvia even lovingly refers to Elizabeth as her “bossy boss” and reports to her for daily check-ins to see what they need to tackle and accomplish.

Cherry Brown Damianoff

But even the closest of mother-daughter teams sometime value a third opinion.  This is where Longoria Collection’s Sales Director, Cherry Brown Damianoff, comes into play. From the very beginning of Longoria Collection, Sylvia brought Cherry on as manager and buyer.  After getting to know Cherry during her days at the Ralph Lauren Home Collection store, Sylvia knew that Cherry would be the perfect fit for the job, given her background in fashion and design.

And she was right about that—they’ve been working together ever since.  In the beginning, it was just the two of them, deciding how the store should run and going on buying trips.  The look of the store has always been driven by Sylvia’s design aesthetic.  And since Cherry is the face on the sales floor, she is in tune with what clients are looking for, what they love, and what they want more of.  So they collaborate on all of these ideas when they’re at market.

Then with the addition of Elizabeth, they dynamic has shifted.  Like previously mentioned, Elizabeth is keyed into what is happening now, in the fashion and design world.  The three of them combined make an immaculate team.  With Sylvia staying true to her timeless, classic, yet modern design view.  Then Elizabeth, breathing new life into the store, by pushing for more fashion forward, yet still timeless items.  And finally Cherry, who balances it all out with her own sense for what's beautiful and insight into what our clientele desires.

Aside from being inspired by the beauty that is Longoria Collection and her love of being a part of that, Cherry’s driving force is the relationships that she has built with her clients and helping them with their projects.

Kat Damianoff

As stunning as the showroom is, it can’t operate by itself—cue Kat Damianoff.  Kat, Cherry’s daughter, joined the team in 2008.  

Kat keeps things running beautifully behind closed doors.  As the Managing Director and our Marketing Expert, she helps develop sales tools, facilitate vendor relationships, and perform any necessary research.

She keeps a perfect balance between the front of our store and the back, which helps Longoria Collection continuously move forward.